Getting over a breakup

It’s ok to go through those emotions in early stages of life because, We need to know what truly life will be if we want to live with someone forever.When you go through those heartaches, illness, depressions, Your heart becomes stronger when you meet the right person. You get aware of emotional feelings of people and when we experience this our mind gets awaken while selecting the right partner of life. This is necessary because it can happen the person you would engage without knowing might have flaws which can ruin your whole life. And the struggles are unbearable when someone is closed to you and can do anything because the time is changing and minds too. You shouldn’t force your happiness to come to you. Let it flow automatically. Love is a feeling that takes time to understand each other and requires growth. There is nothing called as love at first sight. If this would happen then everyone would make that love life forever. Don’t block yourself and others love itself means being free.

People get confuse with attachments and love. Attachments is something based on your expectations. When someone gives you something which is required for you, You get attached to them. When the flow of showering of love stops the other one might get sad and tend to make negative emotions towards you. This is an attachment where you are loving someone on the basis of your need. Love should be free from any emotions and it is not based on expectations. It never comes on the basis of materialistic things you give to someone. Love comes from within and its forever when its true.

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