Why You Need To Change The Level Of Your Thinking

Words play a crucial role in our life. If you are ill or sick from inside, words can help you to build up positivity in your mind and heart. Words can speak greater than actions. Your structure of brain is built in such a way that one’s word are spoken to you they will start revolving around it and then it will slowly affect your health. If you want to live a positive life then you need to understand the magic behind every word. No word is positive or negative in its meaning.
It only defines the limit. If anything is performed beyond a limit then it will start affecting you negatively. Every word you think or listen depends upon the level of understanding. The main problem arises because we don’t understand the real meaning behind these words and put them in positive or negative sections.

Every word you think can be meaningless if you don’t understand the reason behind its formation. We blindly follow that what is negative to us will affect negatively. But that is not the real truth. The level of thinking depends upon how we think. Do we think in all direction or just what we see?

Take an example of word ‘ego’. The word ego will make you feel like something is wrong with a person or negative feelings are arising. But in this case it is an example of a women who wants to fight against the domination of the male society.
If men and women are not given equal rights for education, freedom and to outperform the dominating male society then this will be called as a discrimination against them. In this case self-importance is required to live in a society or people will start dominating you.

Ego is a mark of self-esteem and if someone takes their ego it is a kind of discrimination. So in this case a good amount of ego is required for women to live freely. Thinking on the negative side a large amount of ego will destroy you negatively. It will hurt you because of your treatment to others. In this way a word doesn’t mean it is always negative but it depends upon how we think. There are lot of words like this which can create a positive impact to your future.

Why You Should Switch To Vegetarian From Vegan And Non-Veg – Breaking The Myth

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“Eat Right To Stay Fit, Gym Is A Part Of Your Daily Workout”

Do you know there is a vast difference between being vegan and being vegetarian. Vegans don’t consume animal products at all and vegetarians consume products which come from the animals such as eggs, dairy etc. It is not a preference that you should switch only to vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Most of the people who eat only meat and dairy products have higher exposure to accumulation of fats which can only be burnt through exercise, as we all know it. We have a common misunderstanding that going to gym or exercising daily requires higher consumption of meat and dairy products, but this is not true at all. Consuming fat and burning fat should be avoided as it can directly affect your mind. Your mental health is more important than the physical health. Consuming these fats is creating danger to the brain and on the process of thinking. Just ask this to yourself, why you are consuming these products. Yes, to gain energy but you have to know that this is also increasing your agression. It is increasing your agression levels and your behavior might be changing. Reports say that, People who eat strictly non-vegetarian items like Red meat, such as beef, lamb and pork has been classified as a ‘probable’ cause of cancer and more exposure to high cholestrol levels.

On the other hand following strictly Vegan plan may lack the nutrients which are required for body building. Lowering the intake of calcium can directly affect the growth of bones.

I am not giving any type of advice but the truth itself lies in the fact. If you want to live a peaceful life, you should give more importance towards stabilising yourself. Just like some elements stabilise themselves by acquiring the positions of their outermost orbit, similarly a balance between the menu plan will improve your physical as well as mental health. Your lifestyle will only improve by making these small changes in your eating habits.

Take an example of a dumbell that is used to exercise in the gym. You know that to lift it off from the ground requires the equal balance between both the sides of dumbell. If the weight of one side is increased then surely the person will meet with an accident and might be hospitalised. These rules also apply in life.

So what you should focus on?

You should first build your weekly menu. The weekly menu should be strictly followed from the start to end of week but you can change it after seven days. The menu must be planned giving preference more towards vegetarian items than the non-vegetarian one. The menu should be planned considering the consumption and the portion. Following this method and if you practise it daily then you will really see the change and improvement of your mind as well as your body.

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Putting Down Your Phone May Help You Live Longer

Every mobile user is active on social media. There is not a single day that we can actually leave our mobile phones from our pockets. When we wake up from our sleep, we actually search for our mobile phones first. Setting an alarm, we require mobile phone, taking notes from the teacher, we require mobile phone. This is not a characteristic inherited from our parents but what we are living and working with others. Yes, impossible things are possible now but just take a look at your past and imagine being there for a while. Work was not easy since the technology was underdeveloped. Creating big dreams required offline methods. People were happy being surrounded with others and spending quality time together. We never took selfies or the concept was not even introduced to the world. Familes and important members used to spend quality time talking and creating bonds stronger. What is happening now, we are connecting them with social media just to comment and like their post other than talking to them. Even relationships are created online to show others that they have their partners.

This is not wrong at all but we are forgetting to live a meaningful life. We are caring more what we are expressing online in a fear of lowering our respect. Just take example of famous celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Justin Bieber. We talk about them more and their relationship status. They might be suffering or not but we are creating a big issue on social media. This is not only happening with them but also with us. We are more focused on our screens and our status rather than living it naturally. Just like we know that junk food is not healthy for health, similarly this is a junk media, which is creating an issue for ourselves. The subject ‘mental health’ is discussed more to create mental health awareness in this current situation. But are we really taking efforts to manage it? This is a question you should ask for yourself. Your mobile phone, online status and relationships can entangle your future. Currently you might be not suffering through this, but it can surely affect you in the future. Just listen to what your mental health is saying, switch off your mobile phones, stay calm and live naturally.

Getting over a breakup

It’s ok to go through those emotions in early stages of life because, We need to know what truly life will be if we want to live with someone forever.When you go through those heartaches, illness, depressions, Your heart becomes stronger when you meet the right person. You get aware of emotional feelings of people and when we experience this our mind gets awaken while selecting the right partner of life. This is necessary because it can happen the person you would engage without knowing might have flaws which can ruin your whole life. And the struggles are unbearable when someone is closed to you and can do anything because the time is changing and minds too. You shouldn’t force your happiness to come to you. Let it flow automatically. Love is a feeling that takes time to understand each other and requires growth. There is nothing called as love at first sight. If this would happen then everyone would make that love life forever. Don’t block yourself and others love itself means being free.

People get confuse with attachments and love. Attachments is something based on your expectations. When someone gives you something which is required for you, You get attached to them. When the flow of showering of love stops the other one might get sad and tend to make negative emotions towards you. This is an attachment where you are loving someone on the basis of your need. Love should be free from any emotions and it is not based on expectations. It never comes on the basis of materialistic things you give to someone. Love comes from within and its forever when its true.

Stop Comparing, Start Enriching Your Relationship

Sometimes we take our relationships too seriously that we cross beyond limits. Relationships should not be judged as a status of domination or forceful connections. No human in this world wants to be forced to do things that is beyond their thinking. Relationship work only when there is peace and respect between people. A relationship can be with anyone that can be your friends, teachers, parents etc. The idea of comparing your relationship with others is degrading your connections.

When we watch social media influencers, motivators and other celebrities with a good relationship status, we start comparing with them. It is an identity they have created for themselves. What you see is just an external thought of your vision. Relationships go through struggles, setbacks and too many negative thoughts that we don’t see. At the first glance of any relationship, it goes smoothly but as the time passes we start knowing them, their flaws, poor mentality and other negative thoughts which are created by our mind. But let me tell you that no relationship is perfect.

If you leave someone and get connected to other, their flaws will never leave you. Enriching not only means accepting but also putting your little efforts and work to grow the bond. If you truly love someone then there needs to be proper understanding and peace. Relationship grow only when you both never fail to accept the flaws and develop your internal connections stonger. Remember

How alcohol affects relationships

Why do we keep bad habits in our routine? Do you smoke frequently or more than two times everyday? Do you drink frequently? Why you do this have you ask this question to yourself? Is there any unknown force that is making you to consume it? One of the biggest problems in relationships are bad habits. Bad habits start from your daily routine. Any Material that can cause addictions and can deteriorate your health is called as bad habit. Addictions cannot be removed unless you change your daily routine. One of the most common problems in any relationships is not giving yourself adequate time to change your habits. We are always told since our childhood to follow certain good habits and maintain it throughout the life. But we never do that because of our changing attitude with time. Once you start growing there are some changes happening inside your body. There are certain chemical changes which develop and grow your body with respect to your surrounding. When there is some stress or any emotional wounds revolving around your mind then you might start finding things that can give temporary relief. 
There is a common thought that whenever things are for temporary purpose then it won’t last forever. Drinking, Smoking and following unwanted habits will give a temporary relief for your mind. The activity of chemical get over after a certain period. When there is stress in your work then you again go for consuming it. Slowly and gradually this consumption becomes an addiction. These addictions then turn into habits. After certain period of time these habits start creating toxins in your body. Toxins that can damage your physical parts such as lungs, brain, liver etc. These toxins raise to a level that start causing irritation to your mind. Due to this people start suffering from uncontrol anger, depression, uncontrol consumption and person becomes more violent. This is the process that a bad habit can slowly destroy your life. If you have been attacked from addictions then only way is to give yourself enough time to change.
Follow the following steps to keep yourself away from these bad habits:
1. Get Up early

2. Exercise: Early morning walks, Meditation can increase the flow of oxygen within your body.

3. Eat good breakfast: What you eat affects your health and also affects your mind. GOOD FOOD POSITIVE LIFE. It is as simple.

4. Keep yourself enough hydrated: Hydration is necessary to maintain the amount of liquid flow inside your body. 80% of body consist of fluid.

5. Take breaks: Stress in your work can reverse your direction towards these habits. Make sure to use this time by playing stress buster games.

6. Spend your quality time with family: Spending time with close ones helps to maintain bonds and it will also keep you distracted.

7. Sleep Early: Sleeping early boosts your immune system and helps to stimulate your body in early mornings

How To Make A Relationship Last

There is no hidden formula or a straight usual method to create a relationship that can last for a longer time. There are no techniques to take that relationship forever. If you want to really create a long lasting relationship then you should focus on the growth of your partner as well as of yourself. It is a common fact that opposites attract and at the same time we might feel attracted by a body of person rather than choosing their habits and good values. If you want to create a permanency in a relationship then the looks doesn’t matter at all. What it matters is your patience, love and passion of taking it to forever. If you can’t overcome your attractions over opposite person than you may lack the ability to see the inner beauty. The real beauty lies within a person but to make it far better understanding you should keep your desires and pleasures on control. 
There is a common problem with people that they can’t overcome their bad habits and cheat on their partners. These bad habits are addictions which can make your love life even worse. Bad habits are not inherited or someone tries to force you. It is you, your inner self who is trying to make you get addicted to these things. Instead of trying to find out how you can make good relationships, You have to focus on yourself first. I will let you know in my next posts that  how these relationships fall from trust worthy to trustless. This is not because faults of your partner or anyone. If you want to show yourself trustworthy then you should try to change yourself. Without changing there will be no development and without this development misunderstandings will start arising which will slowly make your livings more worse. I am writing this post to make sure that you understand that forever relationships start from yourself and your partner. In the next future posts I will make you understand about how you can make your bonds more stronger and live a happy life.

What Is Love?

What do you mean by love? Ask this to yourself, does true love even exist or we are just driven by those physical attractions? Attractions are nothing less than attachments. When you get attached to a person, you are just sharing those needs for each other rather than sharing a heart. People get confused with attachments and love. Attachments is something based on your expectations. When you give a materialistic thing to other person, the person gets attached to you. But when a situation arises where you cannot fulfill someone’s wants then that same person becomes negative to you. Attachments are those treatment similar to tit for tat but love does not get attached with these negative thoughts. True love starts from internal attraction which we forget to see and fall for those external attractions. You cannot force someone to love you. You cannot read someone’s heart but you have to feel it. So what do you mean by true love? Love is not an expectation but a free flow of positive emotions to that person. Love does not come up from materialistic things you give to someone. Love does not support anger, hatred or any other negative emotions about the other person. Love is a feeling that takes time to understand each other and requires growth. There is nothing called as love at first sight. If this would happen then everyone would make that love forever. Love is an expression of thoughts to each other and acceptance of it throughout the life. Love is a type of respect, trust and understandings which are created by itself. Love is a pure relationship created by feelings and not by any type of attractions. Love accepts honesty rather than doubting and checking on that person. Love itself means being free. Love comes from within and it’s forever when it is true. 

How To Handle A Toxic Relationship

Relationship is not just a word but it takes you closer to unknown people. Everyone has different values, feelings and emotions which makes us different from other person. Thought process of a person is never same but changes from person to person. What you think about someone defines your views about them. So the common question arises why do our relationships become so much toxic to us. But this is a question which can only be answered by you. Just think about why do we create relationships. The most common answers that are generated by reports is ‘needs‘. We create these relationships to satisfy our needs. These needs are created in the form of expectations. Take and example of a beggar, why do they beg? It’s simple, So that to satisfy their hunger and to fulfill their stomach. We all see beggar as a person who needs money. So money becomes a form of expectation to that beggar. Similarly relationships are created to fulfill our expectations. That expectation can be physical, emotional or mental. The dependence of expectation on one another can irritate the mind, when the expectations are not met. People start setting up their standards on the basis of what they think. The wanting of humans are unlimited, they do not stop at any particular point of life. Toxic people are created because of  lack of understandings. Once a person is emotionally or physically satisfied it ends up for the day but when the next day arises the cycle goes on repeating. We see that expectations forms a backbone of any relationships. But the real truth is hidden somewhere else. The most successful relationships are created in which expectations are nil. There is no form of any force to fulfill the desires and pleasures of one another. The bond is created by itself and lasts longer than any other bonds. So the idea of people are toxic is not about of their behavior but because of your expectations about them. When you will stop expecting anything from someone then you will truly live a happy life.