Why You Should Switch To Vegetarian From Vegan And Non-Veg – Breaking The Myth

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“Eat Right To Stay Fit, Gym Is A Part Of Your Daily Workout”

Do you know there is a vast difference between being vegan and being vegetarian. Vegans don’t consume animal products at all and vegetarians consume products which come from the animals such as eggs, dairy etc. It is not a preference that you should switch only to vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Most of the people who eat only meat and dairy products have higher exposure to accumulation of fats which can only be burnt through exercise, as we all know it. We have a common misunderstanding that going to gym or exercising daily requires higher consumption of meat and dairy products, but this is not true at all. Consuming fat and burning fat should be avoided as it can directly affect your mind. Your mental health is more important than the physical health. Consuming these fats is creating danger to the brain and on the process of thinking. Just ask this to yourself, why you are consuming these products. Yes, to gain energy but you have to know that this is also increasing your agression. It is increasing your agression levels and your behavior might be changing. Reports say that, People who eat strictly non-vegetarian items like Red meat, such as beef, lamb and pork has been classified as a ‘probable’ cause of cancer and more exposure to high cholestrol levels.

On the other hand following strictly Vegan plan may lack the nutrients which are required for body building. Lowering the intake of calcium can directly affect the growth of bones.

I am not giving any type of advice but the truth itself lies in the fact. If you want to live a peaceful life, you should give more importance towards stabilising yourself. Just like some elements stabilise themselves by acquiring the positions of their outermost orbit, similarly a balance between the menu plan will improve your physical as well as mental health. Your lifestyle will only improve by making these small changes in your eating habits.

Take an example of a dumbell that is used to exercise in the gym. You know that to lift it off from the ground requires the equal balance between both the sides of dumbell. If the weight of one side is increased then surely the person will meet with an accident and might be hospitalised. These rules also apply in life.

So what you should focus on?

You should first build your weekly menu. The weekly menu should be strictly followed from the start to end of week but you can change it after seven days. The menu must be planned giving preference more towards vegetarian items than the non-vegetarian one. The menu should be planned considering the consumption and the portion. Following this method and if you practise it daily then you will really see the change and improvement of your mind as well as your body.

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