Why You Need To Change The Level Of Your Thinking

Words play a crucial role in our life. If you are ill or sick from inside, words can help you to build up positivity in your mind and heart. Words can speak greater than actions. Your structure of brain is built in such a way that one’s word are spoken to you they will start revolving around it and then it will slowly affect your health. If you want to live a positive life then you need to understand the magic behind every word. No word is positive or negative in its meaning.
It only defines the limit. If anything is performed beyond a limit then it will start affecting you negatively. Every word you think or listen depends upon the level of understanding. The main problem arises because we don’t understand the real meaning behind these words and put them in positive or negative sections.

Every word you think can be meaningless if you don’t understand the reason behind its formation. We blindly follow that what is negative to us will affect negatively. But that is not the real truth. The level of thinking depends upon how we think. Do we think in all direction or just what we see?

Take an example of word ‘ego’. The word ego will make you feel like something is wrong with a person or negative feelings are arising. But in this case it is an example of a women who wants to fight against the domination of the male society.
If men and women are not given equal rights for education, freedom and to outperform the dominating male society then this will be called as a discrimination against them. In this case self-importance is required to live in a society or people will start dominating you.

Ego is a mark of self-esteem and if someone takes their ego it is a kind of discrimination. So in this case a good amount of ego is required for women to live freely. Thinking on the negative side a large amount of ego will destroy you negatively. It will hurt you because of your treatment to others. In this way a word doesn’t mean it is always negative but it depends upon how we think. There are lot of words like this which can create a positive impact to your future.